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The Biennale

The Biennale of Venice has been for more than a century one of the most prestigious cultural institution of the world. Since its origin (1895) it has been on avant-garde in the promotion of new artistic trends, organizing international events in the contemporary arts, following a pluralistic method that has characterized its unique appeal.

The Biennale has so far received great attention for the International Film Festival, for the International Contemporary Art Exhibition and the International Architecture Exhibition. It also continues a great tradition amongst Music and Theatre Festivals and the newly conceived Ballet and Modern Dance Festival.

In the same fields of interest the Biennale promotes publishing initiatives. Thanks to ASAC, the Historic Archives of the Contemporary Arts, the Biennale looks after the conservation of the documentation on its history. The centers of the Biennale that by now hosts about 320,000 visitors each year are: the Giardini of Castello (Visual arts and Architecture), the Palace of the Cinema and the Palace of the Casino on the Lido island (Cinema), the Arsenal (Visual arts and Architecture), the Theatre alle Tese and the Teatro Piccolo dell’Arsenale (Dance, Music, Theatre).

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