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Tourism resources on the web

Tourism web sites from around the world

Welcome to our pages dedicated to tourism resources on the web!

According to recent surveys, are millions tourists each year have access to the internet to search for tourist information: holidays, flights, guides, deals, last minute, cruises, destinations and itineraries.

Internet has become an established channel and a vital resource for tourism and for users who are buying, both for tour operators that sell.

The tourism market has changed considerably thanks to the advent of the Internet and new technologies. Internet has facilitated the growth of tourism businesses, allow for the various aspects such as optimization of cost management, the redefinition of organizational structures and increasing the generation capacity of value to customers. For companies becomes now essential to understand how the consumer is going in the network, what are its research and its needs.

For this reason they have conducted many market research targeted to the knowledge of this information. According to research, 33% of users on a sample of 1000 uses the Internet to organize their own holidays. According to other surveys, 89% of tourism businesses now have its own website.

This proliferation of Web sites is no doubt due to strong demand from consumers seeking information. Online Travel Consumers want to have direct contact with the supplier, to find more information and to save, thanks to the Internet reduces the need to use intermediaries and therefore all costs relating to the various tourist enterprises. A high percentage of the online sale of tourist products is held for example by low cost airlines, but also many hotels and tourism service providers of various kinds offer the possibility to book, purchase and pay for the service using tools such as emails and bank transfers and credit card transactions online.

Here is a selection of websites relating to tourism in an organized directory broken down by continents, regions, states and countries.

To see the information you list on the right continent ol'area geographical and then the state or the country of your interest.

Happy surfing ... and a good journey!