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Venice: Islands!

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Burano, Mazzorbo, Torcello

Excursion in the historic, artistic and popular heart of the north lagoon. An experience to be lived for an entire day, without hurry, with the mind open to discover the beauty and the signs of a long gone history of which this part of the lagoon has been witness.

Not to be missed: the island landscape of Burano, with its colors, its limpid light, its glares, the thousand boats moored and the squeri; the Lace Museum in Piazza Galuppi; the solitary landscape of Mazzorbo open on vast horizons; the beautiful Church of S. Caterina build in the XIV sec. and the public garden build in the old cemetery encircled by ancient walls; the Museum of the Estuary in Torcello and the splendid religious buildings of the island; the insular landscape made of hedges, uncultivated and small gardens besieged by the water.

Sant' Erasmo

After many years of progressive abandonment and degradation, the green island of vegetable gardens and vineyards finds again its more important monument: the Massimiliana Tower. The beach also enjoys now the effects of the restoration that has involved the part of the island that for century talks over to its neighboring islands: San Francesco del Deserto and Burano from one side and Treporti and Punta Sabbioni to the other. This is a place where tourism is mostly local, domestic and not intruding.


Pellestrina is a thin strip of land that stretches for 11 kilometers suspended between the sea and the lagoon. Pellestrina is still protected from the vehemence of the sea from one of the most sturdy barriers that the Serenissima Republic of Venice was able to build to save the city: the Murazzi. The Murazzi are vertical artificial reef on the lagoon side and sloping towards the Adriatic, they were built using stones from Istria roughly shaped and stretching for about twenty kilometers. The Murazzi became the natural defense of that artistic, cultural and economic heritage that finds its throbbing heart in Venice. And so the “armed” coast guards the small fishermen’s villages, full of sounds and voices that navigate on the turbid waters of the lagoon : San Pietro in Volta, Portosecco, Carizzada Sant’ Antonio and Pellestrina.


An interesting itinerary is developed from the terminal to the far end of the artificial harbor that leaves open the connection between Venice and the sea, immerging one’s attention into horizons typical of the lagoon and of the old fishermen’s villages of the Littoral of the Cavallino. Past the Pordelio canal, one reaches the center of Treporti and finds the little church with two bell towers, continuing along the banks of Valle Zanella as far as Saccagnana, one can admire the rural court of the "Pra" with an elegant rural villa and the old church built by the first inhabitants of the island. The journey ends in “Lio Piccolo”, in the typical lagoon landscape characterized from fishing reservoirs.

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