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How to get around Venice

It isn’t only gondolas!

All the alternatives

Venice is called “the city on the water” because its urban fabric is not only traversed by waterways but it is also completely surrounded by that element.

The shape of the city is reminiscent of a great fish and it is characterised by two peculiar and unique systems of mobility:

  • by waterway
  • by exclusively pedestrian streets.

In this environment, which is unique in the world, public transport is provided by a network of water routes, throughout and around Venice and reaching out to the lagoon islands, served by waterbuses, water taxis, ferries, gondolas, boats and houseboats.

Within the metropolitan area, however, there are other ways of getting about and we list some of them here, together with some tips:

Public transport in Venice

For the visitor who wants to see Venice, the best and cheapest way to get around remains, however, by the buses and waterbuses of the public transport system.

Public transport in and around Venice is provided by an integrated system of bus and waterbus routes run by the ACTV Company.

In addition to single-journey tickets, there are limited-time tickets, which are valid, both for the bus and water routes.


Tickets time are the most economical solution for those who want move to Venice and its environs by public transport Actv. They allow an unlimited number of trips and are usable on all means of transport of shipping lines (excluding line ACTV 3, Alilaguna, Clodia, Fusina) and carrying out land urban races in the municipality of Venice (bus Lido and the urban network of Mestre). The validity of the ticket can be 12, 24, 36, 48 or 72 hours, depending on the tariff chosen, since validation. You buy at the ticket office and Hellovenezia authorized dealers.

  • € 14.00 - ticket 12 hours
  • € 16.00 - ticket 24 hours
  • € 21.00 - ticket 36 hours
  • € 26.00 - ticket 48 hours
  • € 31.00 - ticket 72 hours.


It allows an unlimited number of trips and is usable on all the means of transport of shipping lines excluding line ACTV 3, Alilaguna, Clodia, Fusina) and terrestrial run in urban city of Venice (bus Lido and the urban network of Mestre). The ticket is valid for 72 hours from the time of validation. It can be urchased by young people, aged between 14 and 29 years, on presentation of Rolling Venice Card sale at the ticket office Hellovenezia at a price of € 4.00.


Allows you to travel in the network of automotive and Lido urban Mestre (up to Piazzale Roma), for 75 minutes by validation, with interchange liner in the same direction. Not allows the return journey. Gathering at the ticket office Hellovenezia and authorized dealers.


It allows for travel on any line (excluding line ACTV 3, Alilaguna, Clodia, Fusina) for 60 minutes of validation, interchange liner in the same direction. Included in price carry a baggage, the sum of three size does not exceed cm. 150. Disallows the voyage return. Gathering at the ticket office and Hellovenezia authorized dealers.


Instead of the tickets to time is also possible buy online "VeniceCard." The VENICEcard is a card to access main services of the city of Venice. It can have a duration of 3 or 7 days. E 'expected over versions Junior (5 - 30 years) and Senior (over 30 years I). Allows: transfer to and from the Airport Marco Polo, the unlimited use of public transport ACTV; the use of toilets and public nursery; free admission in all Musei Civici Veneziani; free entry in the Churches Circuit Chorus, the Foundation Querini Stampalia and Jewish Museum; entry reduced to exhibitions and cultural activities; discounts in parking areas; map of the city. To buy online VENICEcard click here.

Rolling VENICEcard

Rolling VENICEcard is the discount card dedicated to the young age between 15 and 29 years. Buying Rolling VENICEcard, can benefit from numerous discounts and benefits at the over 200 business agreements and in major fora cultural city. You can buy a discounted price (€ 18.00 instead of € 31.00) a ticket 72 hours to take advantage YOUNG PEOPLE unlimited public transport on all urban lines (automotive and navigation). Rolling VENICEcard can be purchased only on arrival in Venice at the ticket office, Hellovenezia agencies and the offices of the “Azienda di Pomozione Turistica”. The card costs € 4.00 and is valid until December 31 of the issue. At the time of purchase will be necessary submit a document of identity.

To learn more about transport, tickets and discounts you can contact the service call centers Hellovenezia (+39) 041 24 24 active 7 days on 7 from 8.00 to 19.30.