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Our philosophy

"Bed and Breakfast, Two and six": this was the sign displayed outside the house in England to describe the service on offer, and the price asked, to whoever was looking for a place to book.

Times have changed; the services on offer have improved, the prices are not the same, tourist guides and the Internet have replaced the simple sign, but the philosophy underpinning the Bed and Breakfast is still the same.

But what is the secret of this formula? What, actually, is a "Bed and Breakfast"?

What makes the "Bed and Breakfast" different is the human factor, which allows the tourist to experience the elements typical of family hospitality: simplicity, a homely atmosphere and, at the same time, the genuineness of the service.

And this is also our mission..

With the background of our many years of experience with "Al Giardino Bed & Breakfast" in Venice we now offer the new "Al Giardino Apartments" in Venice: same simplicity, same genuine service, same homely atmosphere.

And, obviously, the same mission!