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Venice: Lido Beach!

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Lido Beach

On the twelve kilometers of the length of the island one can admire golden beaches in which to relax on breezy summer days. The Lido is easily reachable using public transportation that regularly leaves Tessera, Malamocco, Cavallino, Treporti and Venice itself. Once you get there it will be exciting to start on a quest to discover Lido’s many stylish hotels in Liberty like the “Des Bains “(The oldest in the island; amongst its famous guests Thomas Mann set at the Hotel his famous novel "Dead in Venice") or the Hotel Excelsior that binds together a strong neoclassic style with the typical oriental one by which Venice has been influenced over the centuries. The Excelsior is today mostly occupied by actors and directors that during the Venice Film Festival flood the island. In the vicinity of the Excelsior and close to the “Palazzo del Cinema”, the Casino offers the possibility to try one’s luck at the green tables or slot machines whilst at the far end of the island, in Malamocco, it is possible to play golf in a peaceful and unusual environment. The Lido, however, attracts also for its less known reality, for its gardens and villas immersed in the uncontaminated nature and for all these many aspects the Lido Island is still a privileged location two steps away from the Historical Center of Venice.

Bed and Breakfast Al Giardino

Via Altinia 119/B

I-30030 Venezia Favaro

Tel +39 041 50 10 556

Cel +39 349 49 49 149

Fax +39 041 50 10 556


Lat: 45:30:36N (45.51)

Lon: 12:16:57E (12.2825)

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Bed and Breakfast Al Giardino, Venezia

Lido Beach

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