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Venice: Carnival!

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Venice Carnival

Enjoying a renewed attention from the entire world, the Carnival of Venice has become over the past decades an event not to be missed. Rich with history and a unique tradition, the Carnival of Venice has awakened in its inhabitants and in the many tourists a strong participating interest thanks to the much appreciated cocktail of contravention, art, history and culture that only a city like Venice can offer. During the Carnival days, Venice is a furnace of initiatives and shows; both improvised by street artists and organized by the municipality of Venice. Every year a theme for the Carnival is chosen and it becomes the leading clue for different interpretations that are developed in every aspect from the most spectacular to the most cultural. The heart of the Carnival is Saint Mark Square where an open air theater takes over and accompanies the days with shows and costumes catwalks. But all over the city one can find events, concerts and playgrounds for children, various performances that attract the visitors in the many streets and squares of a city that is more than alive.

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Venice Carnival

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