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Treviso still has many of the painted houses that once characterized it. Here the rivers Sile and Cagnan, as celebrated in Dante’s Paradise, meet. The rivers flow in and around the historic center which is wrapped in its sixteenth century wall. The houses seem to have been built on water where the earth stole from the river one small but sufficient stretch of land. Buildings reflecting on water with their frescoed facades, weeping willows softly stretching their gentle branches on the banks of the river and long stretches of arches create an atmosphere of magical harmony and great artistic value.

In the main square called “dei Signori” an elegant line of communal palaces confer to the centre a solemn architecture of medieval taste.


What is striking about Verona is the absolute abundance of expressions of art. The history and culture concentrated in one single city is unique to this area of Italy. The Roman Empire left many impressive example of its grandeur: the Arena, the Gavi Arc, the Stone Bridge, the Door of the Borsari, the Door of the Lions and the Roman Theatre. Amongst many holy buildings a must is the Dome, the Church of San Zeno Maggiore and the Cathedral: true masterpieces of the Romanesque art. Monuments rich with sculptures and paintings amongst which the altar-piece of San Zeno by Andrea Mantegna and the altar-piece of the Assunta by the famous Tiziano. Verona city of history and art but also city of love for it became the stage of the famous Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. You can see the sign of this romantic tragedy visiting the House and the Balcony of Juliet, her tomb, and Romeo’s House.


Padova hosts one of the oldest university in Europe and it was a renowned Episcopal center.

It is bathed by the Bacchiglione river and through navigable canals connected to the river Po and, through the Riviera of Brenta to the lagoon of Venice. City rich with roman, medieval and renaissance traces amongst its many tourist attractions, probably the most important is the Basilica of Sant' Antonio, place that gathered and still does national and international pilgrimages. On the square before the Basilica the “Scuola del Santo” with its frescoes of the young Tiziano deserves a visit. Other monument of great artistic interest is the “Cappella di Santa Maria Annunciata”, chapel of the Palace of the Scrovegni, where one can admire Giotto’s frescoes in a perfect state of conservation. Other place to visit of great artistic and cultural interest is the Dome and the Baptistery decorated with the frescoes of Giusto de' Menabuoi. A well worth visit is the BÚ-center of the old university, with its Anatomic Theatre, the chair of Galileo, the “Magna Classroom”, the ancient courtyard or the 1545 Botanical Garden where the scientific tradition of the scholastic Padova breaths new air.


Fifteen kilometers of soft and fine sand with the characteristic amber color due to its dolomitic origin, stretch between the Sile and the Piave rivers. At regular intervals the piers rhythmically break the water throwing themselves into the sea and interrupting the long beach with their stony presence. The lined-up cabins at the bottom of the beach, the chessboards of the beach umbrellas organized in infinite rows and the multitude of bars materializing like mirages under the sun confer to the tourist the feeling of a well organized and perfectly equipped place.

To animate this beach town one finds a number of concerts, music festivals, catwalks, cultural events, seafaring festivity, pyrotechnic and puppet shows in the squares.

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